Service Overview

Voice Alarm is increasingly important in the safe management of buildings. A voice message informs occupants exactly what to do in an emergency and it is a long established fact that people respond more quickly and are more likely to take the correct action during an evacuation if voice messages are used instead of tone sounders. Benefits they offer:

•    Clear directions to people in the building
•    Live messages giving exact instructions to people who are not familiar with the surroundings
•    Customised pre-recorded messages (available in multiple languages)
•    Improved management of phased evacuation
•    Non-emergency functionality

Voice Alarm systems are not only used for public buildings with a high number of visitors, but are also used more and more for public address and entertainment systems. Types of buildings that benefit from both Voice Alarm and Public Address:

•    Airports
•    Bus stations
•    Hotels
•    Medical centres
•    Schools
•    Offices
•    Shopping centres
•    Stadiums
•    Theatres

LTL Systems Limited provide systems manufactured from the following leading suppliers:

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