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In the firefighting industry, the market is increasingly demanding new, more secure, efficient and reliable solutions, as well as being adaptable to any hazards that need to be protected.

In designing such systems, fire extinguishing, despite being a critical factor, is not the only critical parameter to be taken into account. Other factors play an important role, such as the complexity of the distribution network, the possibility of damage to protected goods, the space required for extinguishing agent storage, and the overpressure of the protected enclosure.

The safety of people is obviously of utmost importance, not to mention ensuring optimal visibility for easy exit in case of fire, the aesthetics of the installation and its environmentally friendliness.

LTL Systems Limited, when designing a system, takes into account all these factors in choosing a safe and environmentally friendly product suitable and effective for fighting fires, as well as being competitive in a highly demanding industry. Faced with the constant threat of fire, the system must respond in a highly effective and reliable manner. It must extinguish the fire quickly, minimise material damage without having any negative effect for people or the environment. A selection of Inert natural type gas or synthetic gas extinguishing agents are available dependant on application. This gives gives us the choice to offer the best solution combining cost-effectiveness with great flexibility and adaptability to any hazard.

LTL Systems Limited provide systems incorporating the following gas types:

FM200 (Replacement Only)

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