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Smoke ventilation systems are Life Safety Systems designed to facilitate the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire and also enable the fire to be fought in its early stages.​​

There is well defined and strict legislation and design guidance that defines and governs the installation, performance and maintenance of Smoke Ventilation systems that must be considered and adhered to when specifying any system.

Smoke control systems save lives and help protect property by:

•    Keeping escape and access routes free from smoke
•    Facilitating fire-fighting operations
•    Reducing the risk of the fire developing further
•    Protecting the contents of the building
•    Reducing the risk of damage to the building​

Whether the building application is residential, commercial, healthcare or educational, a smoke ventilation system should be included as part of the overall fire strategy for the building. This system could either be Natural, using the natural buoyancy of hot smoke, Mechanical, with the use of powered fans.

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