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Support Services

The Importance of a Competent Fire Alarm System Supplier

With the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRO) in October 2006 important responsibilities have been placed on all those involved in the specifying, design, installation, commissioning and subsequent on-going maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems.

End users or Owner / Occupiers also have a significant role to play in ensuring that the best possible system is supplied to protect life and property from fire. This includes choosing a competent supplier for your Fire Alarm requirements.

LTL Systems’ Support Experience

With an abundance of industry experience the LTL Systems team are able to provide unrivalled support for your project.

We are committed to providing the best product training for our engineering team and are active members of BAFE (independent 3rd party accreditation) ensuring we have the experience necessary to carry out works within the following areas meeting your obligations under the RRO.

The Support Services LTL Systems Can Offer

  • Design
  • Specification
  • Installation or installation advice
  • Contract Management
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and after sales service
  • Verification
  • Training / Continuing Professional Development accredited seminars (CPD’s)
  • Auditing