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Smoke and Environmental Ventilation

SE Controls

LTL Systems are proud to announce that we are working with SE Controls as an engineering partner working in the North East.

SE Controls is a leading specialist in the design and delivery of smoke and environmental ventilation systems using façade automation as an integral part of the building envelope.

Since 1981 SE Controls has been developing innovative control systems that harness sustainable natural elements to create a safer and healthier indoor environment. This family owned business has grown from a humble start into an international business delivering products and projects across several continents.

Customers benefit from qualified advice and technical support that is at the leading edge of international regulations and product development; all products are designed and tested to international standards.

SE Controls manufactures its core products, systems and control solutions in the UK and also works with selected partners such as LTL Systems to deliver the SE Controls Recommended Partner Certification Scheme.

LTL Systems are fully trained on site to ensure professional and accurate installation and commissioning of SE Controls’ products and installations will be subject to on going on site appraisals to ensure continued and consistent quality of installation.

With a wealth of industry knowledge gained over many years of both manufacturing and contract installation, SE Controls has the ability to support its Partners in all aspects of design and installation and partners are recognised through the SE Controls Recommended Partner Certification Scheme.