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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm

Multi panel networked intelligent Fire Alarm installations

With the flexibility to move from compact conventional to multi panel networked intelligent Fire Alarm installations LTL Systems Ltd are able to protect some of the premier Industrial and Commercial enterprises both within our region and throughout Europe.

The ability to select from a wide range of state-of-the-art intelligent addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels delivers a host of benefits from design, installation and commissioning to daily operation and routine maintenance, all in one cost-effective package.

System integrity is maintained by utilising a range of class leading fire detection devices which are designed not only to detect fires in their very earliest stages, but also to recognise common sources of nuisance alarms.

LTL Systems’ Comprehensive Fire Detection Range

The comprehensive detection range includes “point” detection devices including traditional smoke detectors as well as the SMART range of self optimising multi-criteria detectors for the ultimate in nuisance alarm prevention. Other technologies include, EN 54-20 class A, B and C high sensitivity detection from the Notifier ASD range of aspirating systems and cutting edge VIEW HSSD detector; in addition to Beam and Duct detection.

As businesses and facilities expand, so must the fire and life safety systems that protect them. Effective management of larger networked systems is provided by PC based graphical workstations that display fire information and can link multiple Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems together over a single network.


ONYXWorks gives you total control over your fire and life safety system. Whether you need to monitor a single building, a campus, or a citywide or global enterprise, ONYXWorks brings you all the information you need to one single-point-of-control workstation.

Full Design, Installation, Commission and Project Support services are available to support this discipline.